Node Values

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Node Values

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The values at the output nodes of a module can be viewed at any time by either selecting the module with the 'Node Values on Select' option on the Home tab selected, selecting the 'All Node Values' option on the Home tab, or by pressing F10. This will present all the values at the output nodes, as shown in the following screenshot.




Figure 25 - Showing Node Values


A number of single figures can also be selected by clicking on the value you want to show a single figure for, and then selecting the single figures you want to show. This is illustrated in the following image.


Mod Value SFs


The number of decimal places shown on the value can also be adjusted by clicking the bottom increase and decrease decimal places icons.


Changes made to the node values are saved with each module. As such, once these have been made, they will be stored along with all the other module information.